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Family First Friday – November Edition

November’s First Friday dinner was by far the most ambitious dinner I have ever planned. As soon as I mentioned I was going to start putting on these dinners, people started asking when I was going to cook Indian food. To which I naturally responded, “Oh but that’s so boring to cook – I cook […]

Family First Friday – October Edition

September’s First Friday dinner was a great success so I’m glad to report that the tradition has been well received and there is demand to keep it going. For October, we only had five of us attending so I decided to keep things simple. Nothing is simpler than pasta and salad. I decided to make […]

Family First Friday – September Edition

I have wanted to start a tradition that centers around regular get togethers and food for a long time. Since I was a child, my imagination built grand plans around beautiful old houses with large yards, wraparound porches, and multiple generations coming together for regular candlelight dinners outside. I read a lot as a child…. I […]

My First Twilio App! SF Game Day SMS

Game day in San Francisco? Getting home might look like this: To avoid this problem, I wanted to create an sms notification for whether or not it is a Giants game day. I used the json file of the Giants game events from isthereagiantsgametoday to create a Twilio SMS notification app written in Python and running on Heroku. […]

Winter Crafts: DIY Advent Tree

Please welcome guest author Kavitha George, who also happens to be my favorite little sister! I know it’s a little past the Christmas season now, but maybe you can get a head start on Christmas decorating for this December… ~Nisha I came across a DIY Advent Tree project in Sunset magazine during the holidays. My sister […]

Mailbox: Solution to Soggy Mail

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my mail dry. It helps with the readability. My house comes with a mail slot in the door that was poorly designed. The entry slot on the outside of the house leads to a vertical chute with an exit slot at the bottom on the inside wall. […]