Family First Friday – October Edition

Pasta and Salad Dinner

Pasta and Salad Dinner

September’s First Friday dinner was a great success so I’m glad to report that the tradition has been well received and there is demand to keep it going. For October, we only had five of us attending so I decided to keep things simple. Nothing is simpler than pasta and salad.

I decided to make a version of Simply Recipes’ spaghetti and meatballs because making meatballs would be too time consuming and I had some pasta sauce on hand. For the meat, I used ground bison and browned it along with the parsley and basil in a pan. For the sauce, I used some extra cans of Newman’s own spaghetti sauce I had in the pantry as the base for the sauce and added everything else from the recipe omitting the canned tomatoes and tomato paste. I went back to following the recipe at Step #4. Adding wine to the spaghetti sauce is key – I will never forget this step, it gives the sauce the right depth and brings everything together.

Looks pretty too!

Looks pretty too!

As usual we went through a few bottles of wine and had a lovely time catching up with friends. Perfect way to end the week.
Eating with friends!

Eating with friends!

October Dinner Menu

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